I love writing, reviewing and assembling helpful shopping guides and outfit inspirations. As a result, blogging has quickly become my second job. Countless hours have been spent to bring my readers fresh, useful fashion and shopping tips, and in an attempt to compensate my time and efforts, I occasionally use affiliate programs to earn commissions on my hard work.

I want to be very transparent with my readers, so here is a breakdown of the few affiliate networks to which I belong:


Closet Luxe will sometimes use affiliate links by ShopSense, a program that pays me a small commission every time a reader clicks a link. Shopsense links can be distinguished by the URL that begins with “http://www.shopstyle.com…”.


RewardStyle affiliate links might also be used on Closet Luxe. RewardStyle pays a small commission every time a reader makes a purchase through one of these links. RS links can be distinguished by the URL that begins with “http://rstyle.me…”.

Stella & Dot

Periodically, I host my own Stella & Dot trunk show. I will always make it clear if a URL will bring a reader to my customized trunk show link. If a purchase is made while visiting through that URL, I receive a percentage of that sale in Stella & Dot credit to spend at a later date. Trunk Show URLs can be distinguished by a link that begins with “www.stelladot.com/ts/…”

Sponsors & Reviews

Occasionally, a company will send Closet Luxe a free product to feature or review. I will clarify when I review such an item, and I will only give my honest, unbiased opinion of said product, which will also be marked with a “c/o” tag in the Outfit Details list. I will turn down offers to feature or evaluate any product that I believe is unrelated to the interest of my readers.

Rest assured that all links (affiliate or non) are items I love or have on my own personal wishlist. If you enjoy reading Closet Luxe, please feel free to support the site by clicking or purchasing through links, as that is how I am compensated for my efforts. Thank you so much!